After a long time, my small family went to central America. For Kiwi Lime, it was the first trip abroad and for us it’s the first big travel since the begin of the pandemic. There are so many different regulations in different parts of the world. In Germany, kids under the age of six can’t be vaccinated against Corona. You can only enter Nicaragua if you are vaccinated against Corona or you have a negative PCR test, independent of age. Because we couldn’t find a testing place that tests infants in Germany we added Panama as intermediate stop in our trip. The plan was to fly from Germany to Panama, where infants are exempted from Corona regulations. Go to a testing place in Panama and test Kiwi Lime, and then continue to Nicaragua. Our plan worked out. Speaking of pandemic, we found this billboard in Panamas Metro station:

Shut up to safe lives

In Panama, I could get one step closer to reaching my goal to visit all Baha’i House of worship.

House of worship in Panama City

Beside that, I did in Panama very touristy things like visiting Panama Canal, going to the Panama sign, or wearing a Panama hat.

Wearing a Panama hat at the Panama sign is the most touristy thing someone can do in Panama

My previous travels to central America were in the dry season. This time I was there in the rain season.

10 day weather forecast

Rain season was exactly what we learned in the school about tropical rain forests. Days start dry. Temperature increases and it becomes hot. Then in the afternoon, latest in the evening, there is a storm where it rains cats and dogs. Some days, we didn’t have rain. Usually those days were followed by too warm nights. That is why I was hoping it will rain. Mosquitos were to much for me. They sting me all the time. That made me forget that I am a vegan. Not even repellent helped. The mosquitos did not respect repellents.