“Thank you Jim for this lovely story. I love how Annabel looks so cute in her dress.” The anchorwoman makes a short pause, in which she gets rid of her smile and puts on a serious face. “In the case of Fred Vage, many experts were expecting he would plead guilty today. They were all shocked when he plead not guilty instead and accused—”
A man in a eighties outfit is standing behind a pillar and starts to shoot with a machine gun at least a dozen time at the back of a man with a bushy mustache who is standing in plain field. The man with the mustache dodges the bullets by ducking. He pulls his handgun and shoots one time while he turns toward the man with the machine gun. The man with the machine gun gets a direct hit. He drops his machine gun and grabs his chest. Than he moans with pain and bumps into the pillar in front of him before he fells down. The man with the mustache stands up. Out of nowhere, a woman with a eighties hair cut runs into his arms and says “O, you saved my life.”
A cartoon cowboy raises his glass and takes a gulp from his drink. A shady guy with a gun in the hand enters the saloon, stops behind the cowboy, and says “I hope you said goodbye to everyone”. In a very quick move the cowboy releases his glass leaving it floating in the air while he grabs his gun, shoots backwards, puts his gun back in the holster, and grabs his glass in the air again. The gun in the hand of the shady guy is hit by the bullet and flies away. The shady guy is standing with a wide open mouth and staring on his empty hand.
A woman says in a melodramatic voice “You never cared what’s best for me. I have always sacrificed my life for us but you didn’t care.” She turns her back takes her hand to her face and starts to sob. A handsome man says “You know that’s not true.” His third class acting sounds unconvincing. He steps toward the woman. His movements are stiff and mechanical. He touches her shoulders. She says “No, don’t” than she grabs her small handbag and pulls a small handgun. She turns around facing him again and says “You can’t do that to me. I’m not helpless anymore.” The man steps back and says in what suppose to be a frightened voice “Charlotte, please…don’t. You know deep inside you love me.”
A news alert banner appears at the bottom which reads “Shooting in Gravinford. More in the news special in a few minutes here on AZC.”
“The shooting is reported in a shooting range in Gravinford. Channel 8 News is once again first on the scene for this exclusive report. Melissa Russo what can you tell us? How many victims have been reported?”
The picture changes from the studio to a woman in front of a grey building.
“There are no numbers yet. Special units arrived earlier and they are preparing to storm the range ‘B&B Gun Room’ here. All ways in and out is going through the police. Everyone who ran out of the range is now questioned by the police over there.” The view changes from Melissa to four small groups of civilians talking to police officers. “What we could find out is that around 1:30 a perpetrator or a group of perpetrators attacked the range. They used smoke bombs. You can see some smoke coming out of the range.” The wide open front door is shown where faint smoke is flowing out.
“They threw smoke bombs and started heavy fire. There have been casualties but the medics can’t go in yet. It’s not clear if the perpetrator or perpetrators are still a threat. Police could not tell if it’s an act of terrorism.” The anchor in the studio says “Stan, is the background of the perpetrators known? Are any of them muslims?”
“Tactical units will enter the range soon and neutralize any threats. We will than see—” The reporter turns around and looks at the door “Something is happening.” Someone is slowly walking through the smoke out of the door of the range. With each step more and more details are revealing. The silhouette behind the fog becomes slowly a white man, with jeans and shirt. He is moving his head from side to side, tries to see something in the smoke. His hands are moving uncontrolled around. One hand with an open palm facing down and than up again the other is holding a firm grip on a gun. “HE HAS A GUN” a police officer yells. Suddenly, all police officers seek cover while pointing their guns at the man. “DROP THE GUN. DROP IT NOW.” The man is still walking slowly without dropping his gun.
A blue box appears in a corner of the TV with the words “@Strong&ProudUSA: Just shoot him. He doesn’t deserve anything else #KWCD4 #Gravinford”
“O my God” yells a witness, who was moments ago questioned by the police but is now standing unattended. “Come here, quick.” yells someone to the witness and the other people who escaped the range. The camera turns and shows Stan, the reporter from the other TV channel, who is signaling them to come to him. All the other reporter join Stan and call the people from the range to come to them. The people from the range start to run towards the different reporter.
Another blue box pops up “@Franky223: OMG, police is doing excellent job in protecting their ass only #KWCD4 #Gravinford”
An old lady is running toward the camera. When she reaches the reporter the camera shows the confused man with the gun again that just came from the range. He stopped walking and looks at the police officers. Finally, he lowers his gun and drops it on the ground. One police officer yells “Step away from the gun now.” Police officers don’t wait for the man to step away. Instead they run toward him and throw him to the ground. They start to frisk him with the gloves off. They don’t find anything so they handcuff him and take him to the side where they question him.
The new blue box in the corner reads “@Strong&ProudUSA: Don’t risk anything. SHOOT HIM. Don’t waist money for a trial on this scumbag #KWCD4 #Gravinford”
The camera shows the reporter again. “Dramatic scenes just happened in front of our eyes as a heavily armed man stormed out of the range. Police could overwhelm him. Ma’am, you have been in the range while the shooting and you had to witness this incidence. How do you feel? Can you describe what you have seen inside?”
He holds the microphone in front of the old lady. “I can tell you how it was inside, but let me tell you this, when that man came out I was certain he is no threat. He is just a man who was in the range and who was surprised and shocked by the shooting. He’s not the one who the police is looking for. The man they are looking for is in the range. He is dead. I shot him.”
“You shot him?”
“Yes, I did!”
“You have to tell us everything starting with your name, ma’am?”
“I’m Rosanne. I live in Madison/Wisconsin.”
“Wisconsin? What brought you to Gravianford?”
“I was visiting family in the south and was on my way back to Madison when I stopped for lunch in Gravianford. I saw that they have a range here and I decided to visit it.”
“So, what happened in the range?”
“Well, I was shooting when suddenly someone threw smoke bombs and started to shoot. Everyone was yelling and crying.”
“It must have been terrifying.”
“It was terrifying, but in these situations you have to withstand fear. I said to myself ‘Rosanne, you have to stay sharp now. You can’t let him win.’ I stayed calm and waited. Than I saw him. He was walking slowly with his gun up. While I was aiming for him, he saw me. He tried to aim for me and shoot me but I was faster. I shot him and than I left the range.”
Another blue box appears with “@Helen44: God bless her #KWCD4 #Gravinford #GoodGalWithAGun”.
A man in the mid forties is talking in the microphone that is held in front of him “…Everywhere was smoke. It was so difficult to see anything and everybody was yelling loud. I could hear several gun shots. I saw four or five fellows on the way out and than I saw him. A colored man with a gun in his hand running behind the fellows. Clearly, he wanted to kill them. But I didn’t let him. I aimed for him with my gun and shot him. I shot him at least three or four time, I didn’t want to risk anything, you know? He might had some explosives. If you don’t kill them they right away—”
A man with dark sunglasses says “I was on my way out. In the smoke, I saw the shape of someone, how he raised his gun and how he shot. When he turned towards me, I didn’t give him any chance to shoot me. I shot him and he fell to the ground immediately.”
“Can you describe this man? Do you know his race? What age would you say?”
“O, I don’t even know if it was a man. I just saw a shape in the fog. It could have been a woman, I don’t know.”
The reporter turns toward the camera “I just received the message that special forces are going in the range now.”
The camera shows two special force units in heavy armor and with masks enter the range.
“They are in and we will hear soon what was going on inside…” A hand pulls the microphone. The camera pans to Rosanne “As I told you earlier, I shot the gunmen. The special units were not necessary.”
“But what if it was a group of perpetrators?”
“There…well…I don’t think there were anymore. This is a typical one man attack and I terminated it.”
“Thank you, Rosanne. What are your plans as the newest national hero?”
“O, I don’t know. When I stopped here I was planning to just stay for lunch. But I just changed my plans and decided to stay the night here. Are there any hotels you can recommend?”
“Everything is clear. That’s what we just heard from the police. Now, the medics will go in and take care of the casualties. We will wait for the exact count of the fatal victims of this tragedy.”
A police man in his late forties is talking in front of an array of microphones “They found eight people shoot. Four of them were dead when found. The other four are in serious conditions. Beside these eight there was nobody in there. We couldn’t identify the perpetrators yet. We will analyze the video surveillance tapes. That’s all I can tell you for now.”
In a news studio: “The police is going to evaluate the video tapes from the surveillance system. We have our expert for shooting rampages, Mark O’Neil, here. Mark, why does the Police need to watch the tapes? Why don’t they ask the witnesses to identify the perpetrator?”
“Well, after such shootings often it’s unclear what happened. Witnesses give confusing and often wrong statements. It’s a big mess. Investigators are always happy to have objective evidence that helps them identify the gunmen.”
In another news studio “Melissa, you have talked in Gravianford with witnesses and police officers. Do you have any further information? Could you find out more?”
Melisa in front of the range says “We have analyzed the different reports and what we can say is that a group of at least four attackers have been involved. They were shoot all by people who were in the range at the time of the attack.”
The anchor “Is anything known on who that group was and why they commit this horrible rampage?”
“Neither the identity nor any motives are known yet, but…I just heard that the police is going to give another statement in a few minutes. We are going to report live—”
The same police officer as before is talking again in an array of microphones “The video tapes have brought new insides that I want to share with you. Today, at 1:38pm, two local teenagers entered the range. They could get in without any checks. Inside, they threw several smoke bombs. They didn’t have any guns. I repeat, they just had the smoke bombs, no guns. To add to the confusion and terror they threw fire-crackers and started to scream before they ran out of the range. After that, smoke filled the range and the surveillance system became blind. What we can say is that the two teenagers didn’t shoot. It seems to be a reckless shenanigan of two teenagers that ended fatal. The two teenagers are already in police custody and they will be questioned.
As for the victims in the range. It seems they have been shot by bystander in the range. In that uncertain situation, many assumed they face the perpetrator and jumped literally the gun.”
“As we just heard, it all started as a prank that went quickly wrong.”
A blue box appears with the words “@PeteHunter88: Shoot the two idiots. That would be a hilarious prank they will never forget #KWCD4 #Gravinford”
The reporter continues without stopping “It’s not clear yet if there will be any murder charges against the two teenagers. It’s also not clear if the people who shot the victims will be charged. We tried to interview Roseanne again. All she said was that she changed her plans yet again and she is on her way back to Wisconsin. Earlier, Roseanne was on her way back home when she took a lunch break here. After her lunch she went to the range where she shot someone who she thought was a perpetrator. There were at least three other people who shot innocents.”
Another blue box appears with “@SamBarns22: Roseanne eats, shoots, and leaves :D #KWCD4 #Gravinford”
“We have here in the newsroom Warren Leonards from the Guns for America Association and Lance Young. Lance was married to Nancy Young, one of the teachers who were shot in the Westfield Elementary rampage.” The camera shows the anchor with the two guest on each side of the table.
Sandy: “Warren, what can be done to prevent such incidents in the future?”
Warren: “It’s a scandal how easy you can buy smoke bombs. There are no background checks. We saw today what it led to.”
Lance: “Is that your take? Guns don’t kill people, smoke bombs do?”
Warren: “Guns and gun owner are always the escape goats for deniers of the constitution. The second amendment guarantees every American the right to bear arms…”
Lance: “You said for many years there will be no rampages in shooting ranges. You said because of all the guns, gunmen and terrorists wouldn’t dare to start a shooting there. It turned out, you don’t need a gunman or a terrorist to start a rampage there- because of all the guns.”
Warren: “This today was a onetime accident. The Guns for America Association has always said if gun owners have a proper training, guns are safe. Even a kid can be a responsible gun owner with the proper training. That’s why we recommend to have gun safety training. On the other hand, we have seen too many people killed by terrorists because the victims didn’t have a gun to stop the terrorists. Gun free zones are a life threat. Has there been an attempted terror attack that was stopped by unarmed people? No!”
Sandy: ”Actually, in 2015 three unarmed Marines have stopped a terrorist with an assault machine gun in a train in France. And after the tragic incident today, I wonder are more people going to be shot by accident if people would bear guns everywhere.”
Warren: “The US Marines are trained in close combat defense. You can’t except that every American mom and dad, with a full time job, who wants to protect there Family will have that training. But you see, they can buy a gun in a shop and protect there family immediately. That’s all it takes.”
Lance: “That and the gun safety training that you recommended 5 minutes ago every gun owner should take.”
Sandy: “Warren, one question many people ask after such a tragedy is, are guns a safety hazards instead of protection. Statistics show that here in the US more people die from gun related accidents in a year than people die from terrorism in a decade.”
Warren: “That doesn’t say anything. We have the right to protect ourselves. And the Guns for America Association is going to protect that right.”
Lance: “So, you are saying in order to protect ourselves from a threat that is negligible, we as a nation have to give up our safety?
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